Memorials for our dear friends Anne and Candy

June 26, 2015 at 4:54 pm (Uncategorized)




A sunny afternoon gathering in memory of Anne. She feels very much still in the garden to all of us. Her bench will be in the orchard for a chance to sit and remember. Anne was a wise beautiful friend, artist, writer and inspiration to all who knew her.

Keyo Yendii I absolutely adored this woman. Her spirit, her heart and soul, her manner, her humour, our connection. I will always miss her, and both of my daughters met her only a few times, but always liked her.
Smiles… oxo

12301616_10153811119226318_3073667500399606509_n       magnolia-1317235_960_720

Candy and her dog Poupe always enter the garden in a swathe of glamour, bringing gifts and warm hugs. She engulfs us with love and praise and she takes such beautiful photos.




Your dimple of mischief, your effortless grace

Ever a kiss, a carousel of scent

That it might not last, we knew

Yet a beautiful raincoat, a bright scarf still whips by the ink-deep rust rushes in the valley


You gathered up many worlds around you

Yours a bright rage of love, of friendship, adventure

Your warmth inspired us to be better, kinder

We all had a bit of crush Candy




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