Smart Club in the Robin Hood Garden Easter 2014

April 20, 2014 at 4:45 pm (Uncategorized)

UBG ran 3 days of play, board games, sports and arts in the garden this Easter week with funding from High Hill Residents Association. Monday was wet and windy but we still had 30 young people and parents in the garden and the high hill cage playing board games; Mancala, Sleeping Queens and Wanted, skipping in the garden in between rain showers and playing cricket in the cage, which was very popular among the older boys. The young people aged 5-15 were all local, a lot from High Hill Guinness and Hackney homes sides. Wednesday was a really hot sunny day everyone turned up early to help set up the gazebo and games. We did all the same stuff as Monday with added watering, more skipping with one of the dads who turned out to be pretty light on his feet and a big hockey game in the garden. The face paints came out on Wednesday with lots of groovy tattoos. Friday was another sunny day lots of games played and big team games on the square; sharks, my team, relays and hockey; more cricket in the cage this time with even more players before the big egg hunt in the garden. The eggs were ‘eggspertly’ hidden by two volunteers mums and the younger children got a whole minutes head start. Many thanks to Yavonne at HHRA for helping to make this week happen, it was a great success with up to 30 young people and parents attending everyday, some familiar faces with lots of new faces. It was also a great promotion for the summer playdays which will happen in August which the young people are already looking forward to.

Vicky and Mem
Universal Board Games





Plus! The Big Soggy Sunday Easter Egg Hunt . . !

Big choc caches for the few youngsters who turned up Easter morning, rain sun shine, the easier bunny droppings were pocketed in minutes!




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