Clapton Festival & Hackney Harvest Street Feast!

September 29, 2013 at 11:09 am (Uncategorized)

This weekend is seeing Clapton celebrate all its best bits. Needless to say our Robin Hood Garden is mentioned as one of the top 5 attractions of the area in a lovely write up by local journalist Julia Rebaudo, in the official Clapton Festival magazine, see below.

The Hackney Harvest event this Sunday is a unique opportunity to meet other communities from around the are and share food, chat, play. The workshop earlier this week to make the benches ready for the feast was a event in itself organised by RARA; a group of local architects and carpenters. They are kindly donating a bench to our garden after the feast, so go along and support the event if you can. . . very beautiful posters . . .





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Summer was Here !

September 20, 2013 at 4:38 pm (Uncategorized)


Sundays for Home-Made Marion

This Summer has been jam-packed. The garden has seen hundreds of people strolling the peaceful green space; our children’s Super August where we had a 4 weeks of play, investigation and creative adventure with Hackney Play Bus and Universal Board Games; Maid Marion and her stall of delicious home made cakes, tea coffee and lemonade has been drawing in crowds for afternoon refreshment and of course The Merry Musicians have given us a regular acoustic Sunday session and attracting quite a following. . .

Harrington Hill Primary School parent’s group kicked off the Summer with an end of term picnic celebration. over 50 children and parents enjoyed games, dancing, cricket catching, singing in the Willow Dome, chalking the path and of course water bombs! The school group told us they really enjoyed the space – parents could relax while children explored the enclosed garden picking blackberries and strawberries and getting lost in imaginative play.

The garden has bloomed beyond imagining – 10 foot high sweet corns, gigantic courgettes, berries galore and rampant strawberries. Much of our produce was planted from seed by the local children – they are pretty proud of their achievements in growing this summer. Big thanks to Pete, who has kept the garden lush and fresh all the long hot Summer. Pete says he finds the 3 times a week watering theraputic, and its a fairly reciprocal relationship as the garden has flourished all season. . .even an old thought to be dead Olive tree has sprouted a few green shoots this week. Here’s to you Pete!

Our September the 1st get together was a great celebration of all this and more. Virginia cooked us all a delicious veggie paella over the fire with beans, herbs and other garden grown treats. Home made pies, flans, crumbles and daring salads were shared too.  And John brought a vat of the plumpest blackberries any of us had ever seen.

BREAKING NEWS . . . Hackney in Bloom has just awarded us Silver second place for Best Community Project! That’s 3 awards in a row . . . Well done and thanks to all our fabulous volunteers who have given the garden so much love this Summer. N.


The Merry Musicians



Jiminy Cricket


Afternoon High Tea

Super August Play with Universal Board Games and Hackney Play Bus.


Play to win with UBG

Den Play

Den Play


Hackney Play Bus Thursdays


Universally loved Board Games


Drumming Workshop in the Kids Dome


Blackberry Mash!


Warrior Gardeners


The Incredible Tower of Jenga


Mud Kitchen

Summer Gathering for Robin Hooders


Virginia’s Veggie Paella feast


Garden cooked, Garden grown


Victory V’s – Vicky and Virginia


Flaut it!


Food to share


Ann & Keyo


Blackberries of your dreams


Summer means Strawberries!


Autumn on the horizon heralds …spiders!!


Summer Gathering Picnic


Maimie’s Cookies


Marshmallows for All Children!


A maze in courgettes


10 foot high and rising sweetcorn . . .

mystery plant

Call the Hemulen?


Pete the Quencherer

Harrington Hill Primary School – Children & Parent’s Summer Celebration


svetlanas sweet

Svetlana’s heavenly ice cream

water balloon

Prize balloon bomber!


water frenzy!

Water balloon frenzy!

water play

Water play !

ball games

Ball Games Allowed

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