AGM & party & Easter Smart Club !

March 15, 2013 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized)

Vicky and Mem of the wonderful Universal Board Games ran an exceptional week of activities with our local kids- and plenty of grown ups got the competition fever – eh Franck and Bea?! Really lovely range of games, activities, gorgeous cakes from Maid Marions Tea Stop. Thanks to Svetlana on the kelly kettle too. Despite the rain and general chilliness we all had a fantastic week – hope you guys can come back soon . . .(funded by the High Hill Residents Association – thanks)

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AGM & party

Its been a long old cold Winter season at Robin Hood, although Sundays have still seen a few of us huddled together in brief patches of sun. Bea, Pag, Pete, Ann, Candi and Brian have been meeting to clear the way for the green shelter project. Big thanks to Christine who has been on litter duties Рkeeping our lovely garden welcoming. We had an RSBP weekend last month in a brief Springlike morning where the kids tiptoed with binoculars and spotted chaffinches, great tits, dunnocks, blackbirds and 2 robins. They practiced the calls and we all learnt a lot about our local bird life. Thanks to Pete for  sharing his twitchers insight with the kids.

Josef’s bird sound inventory


chaffinch – pink pink!!


Robin – “carol carol carol hisselys”


dunnock ” tseep!”


Blackbird – whistley flutey



Great Tit – “teacher teacher!”


Kit even spotted this wylie character zoom over the compost heap!! A baby stoat.

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