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Save Leyton Marsh

For the past month we have seen diggers move in to this green belt area, and vandalise the land we know and love. Breaking news is that the protests have now brought this Olympic project to a halt as local protesters have been joined by the Occupy movement and tents are now pitched on the site.

Local residents have organised protests against the plans to dig up the protected land to make way for more carparks and buildings for the Olympics, taking away public space, and destroy the marsh habitat. The crowd have put up signs on the fence that surrounds the proposed site near Lee Bridge Road. The ‘Olympic Delivery Authorities’ have won the right to build a hall on the site and adjasent car parks even although over 1,250 local people have signed a petition to stop the proposals.

Save Leyton Marsh group say:

“Local residents and Marsh users have come together to campaign against the decision to allow the Olympic Delivery Authority to build on the Marshes. Waltham Forest Council has granted planning consent to the Olympic Development Authority to build a temporary basketball training arena on Leyton Marshes. Work on the site has already begun preventing all public access to this area of common land between now and the middle of October.

We are deeply concerned that this decision to build on Metropolitan Open Land will set a precedent making it much easier for developers to seek and gain consent to build on this important green space in the future. The Marshes are a vital local community resource, London’s Green Lung, that’s why it’s so important that we work together to protect the Marshes for everyone to use and enjoy.

The Olympics should be about improving the facilities we already have not denying people access to parks and open spaces. There are plenty of basketball courts in the East End which could be used to provide training facilities for Olympic athletes, the ODA should use those first before paving over our green space. The Games have been sold on the back of the legacy it promises to leave and yet we have already lost the entire East Marsh to a coach park and now we stand to lose Leyton Marsh as well. How much more open, green space must we give up for the Games?”


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Our 2nd AGM & Party

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We moved the party to the garden as it was such a great sunny spring day

The Robin Hood Sign goes up to great applause!

Is it a lolly?

The newts seemed sleepy, so we covered them back up to snooze for a few more months

Our Harrington Hill Primary School Banner hangs proudly in the sun.

Andrew Rininsland from Growing City interviewed a few of us about our experiences over the past 2 years and he has posted a lovely audio slide show from the interviews on his blog see the link here:

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