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March 17, 2011 at 8:14 pm (Uncategorized)

It was so great to just be in the garden with lovely company today and so much to enjoy. The biodiversity officer Kate came along and gave her approval on …. everything.

New tools and equipment arrived, as well as new inspiration and interest in what we are going to do next! Our own 1st aid kits and Kelly kettle mean we can now enjoy a cup of tea and feel safe while we work!

The watering is going well, but we need more of it… Orchard carers please let me know your availability.

The orchard is virtually ready to be turfed… well done everyone who has put a spade to the ground where the trees are … so much achieved with everyone doing a bit each.

If you haven’t taken a moment yet to perch on the edge of one of the new raised beds and just Sit and think, and take it what a marvellous place the garden is becoming…. well it’s probably because you’re working so hard!

See you all in the garden soon!



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Spring Uprisings & On the Map. . .

March 12, 2011 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

The past few weeks have seen a great change in the garden. We are holding our work sessions twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays 10 -1.

The orchard soil is slowly being prepared and levelled for turf. During this ground prep we found some emerging common newts and carefully re-located them, complete with cardboard and juicy morsels, in a safe space over the fence. We will develop this area to become a proper hibernaculum for the newts and any other amphibious relatives.

Richard has been making some great compost bins and Rob has led a session to create four raised beds, now ready to be prepared for our veggies. It wont be long untill we are holding our first Community Cook Up! We have are investing in some great outdoor cooking equipment for this.

Guerilla style bulb planting has been continuing along the outside edge near the fence – the kids have enjoyed this activity.

The trees are bursting forth from their buds, and watering them weekly is now one of our top priorities. Buckets, watering cans and water pistols . .. . . by any means necessary!

We are also on the official Ordnance Survey Map. A lovley flouro clad gent came by with his gadget and took our measurements all ready for official map status! This is great and very important for Health and Safety as if any incidnet should occur we can now phone the police/ambulance services and give them our name Robin Hood Community Garden,  High Hill Ferry,  Spring Lane , Hackney, E5 9HQ

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