Orchard Planting Day

January 23, 2011 at 1:47 pm (Uncategorized)

We now have the beginnings of a display at Harrington Hill School who are very excited about our new Robin Hood Orchard. The display will grow over the coming weeks as children design pictures of their favourite fruit and on it write a wish for the future, inspired by the amazing names of our new trees i.e. a “concorde pear” or “stella sweet cherry”!!

This will create awareness about the garden and help more of the local community to feel included. I will be running this activity at the planting day so look out for colourful fruity wishes on the blog soon. . .

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Putting down roots for New Year !!

January 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm (Uncategorized)

So much good stuff happened in the garden last year, hedge planting with Year 5 from Harrington Hill school and toasting marshmallows at our Autumn bonfire to name a few, but some of the best bits happened in the last month.

We were accepted as the 13th (lucky for us!) community group for The London Orchard Project planting project. We really hope to move things forward in the garden this year. Thanks to our new team of Orchard Leaders:

Six of our members went on a training day to sunny Dulwich and learnt alot about trees. . .

“That was such a great day. I had beautiful dreams all night about apples. Delicious!!! I am hoping the dream will be coming back. It will not be that long before we all be tasting them from our trees!!! Lidka

“I really enjoyed the day from the start; with walking to the station with Lidka, meeting Paula and chris, and then Firefighter Pag. The train rides there and back with the sultry train announcer, the wildlife centre, the trainers who were knowledgable, friendly and approachable, the other attendees, the orchard, even though they left me while I was in the toilet…it could of spoiled the day but didn’t, and of course Dulwich, where I was born! Hmmm…and those street apps were delish! ” Keyo

The course covered technical skills and issues to consider when leading a community orchard, and also looked at how to begin to develop an  orchard management plan for our orchard.

Trees we have decided to plant on February 6th:

1            Lord Lambourne            Apple            MM106

2            Howgate’s Wonder            Apple            MM106

3            Falstaff            Apple            MM106

4            Tomcot            Apricot

5            Concorde            Pear            Quince A

6            Williams Bon Chretien            Pear            Quince  A

7            Stella            Sweet cherry

8            Victoria            Plum

9            Mirabelle de Nancy            Plum

We have decided to be a bit experimental with an apricot! As Carina from LOP says, we’ll see what happens.. .

For more info on LOP go to http://www.thelondonorchardproject.org

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