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Shoe planter

Last saturday morning I went to the Capital Growth Permaculture taster at the Regent’s Park Allotment Garden (which I think is open to the public : worth a visit if you are in the area).

I was very impressed by the quality of the training and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the trainer, Stefan Geyer from the Permaculture Association.

There was a lot in this session : i would really recommend it to anyone else  if they run it again : I paid a tenner for it, which includes a 50% discount for any of us who are involved in Capital Growth Spaces.

One of the things I was most taken with was the herb spiral : using any old bits of brick or stones or whatever you have on your site (we have plenty of this) you build up in a spiral, and fill the space with earth as you go, thereby creating loads of different microclimates to suit the growing conditions of all the different herbs you might want to grow : Mint can go at the bottom, because it doesn’t mind a bit of shade, and likes it a bit damp,  and Rosemary can go at the top to benefit from the dry, sunny conditions it likes too, and a range of other herbs in the middle.

Herb Spiral

They also talked quite a lot about starting by cultivating a small area, and gradually increasing outwards from your central garden ‘core’ : which I found very encouraging, because if we don’t get any funding (we find out next week if our bid for £10,000 from Awards for All has been successful) we can still create the garden with whatever we have available. I took these pictures of their raised beds : this posh looking one would be for if we get funding for lovely oak sleepers,

Posh Raised Bed

and this willow one could give us an idea for what we could do with just the materials in and around around the site.

Willow Raised Bed


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