Bonfire in the Hood

November 28, 2010 at 7:09 pm (Uncategorized)

photo: Franck Allais

We held our seasonal bonfire celebration in the garden on the 13th November, having decided that all this digging, organising and back breaking work deserved a bit of reward. Also, we had alot of garden debris to tidy…puls a few keen firestarters amongst us ….

I have to say it was the the bonfire of childhood dreams. A huge pile of wood had been gathering – thanks to everyones’ efforts and despite recent rain, the flames crackled and spiralled up into the magnificent sky over the marshes. We all raised a cup of mulled cider to our efforts  and tucked into delicious home made soup, baked potatoes and pizza. The kids ran happily amok with toasted marshmallows and and treacle toffee.

It seems as if this garden has already achieved so many of the aims of our constitution. Bringing the people of this unique community together,  sharing ideas and making plans to transform our space for the benefit of all.

More photos to follow . . .

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