Glorious Mulch

November 22, 2010 at 1:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Thanks to everybody who came to the session last thurs, and helped put down a lovely thick blanket of bark chippings (provided by Hackney Parks) around the newly planted edible hedge. I think we did quite a professional job (see photo) and especial thanks to Lidka for the coffee and biscuits.

The trees were planted for us on Monday with great enthusiasm and skill by kids from Harrington Hill Primary School : we have Blackthorn, Elder, Dog Rose, Crab apple and Hazel, and are looking forward to the fruits of all our labours in a few years.

First we wrapped each tiny tree in its own little tube to protect it from rabbits and other pests (I know it’s supposed to be an edible hedge but not quite yet) and added a bamboo stick to hold each one upright. Then we trundled our wheelbarrows along to the mulch mountain that Hackney parks had delivered to just outside the gate, and spread it at the base of the hedge, where it will suppress weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and eventually as it breaks down, add nutrients and organic matter to the soil. It’s hardworking stuff, is mulch!

This hedge is the result of our ongoing friendly collaboration with the Kids adventure playground next door, who included us in their funding bid for the plants and equipment, and help us by storing our tools. Kids have planted their hedge on the other side of their security fence, so as the plants grow, they will disguise the boundary, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and for all of us a beautiful, flowering, edible boundary.(Rachel)

See you next thurs 25 Nov 10am-1pm



1 Comment

  1. robinhoodgarden said,

    Lovely report Rachel 🙂
    The new hedgelings look really snug in their little tubes.

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